About Us  

Enigma Care / Kun Ly Industrial Co., Ltd.辦公室入口


Enigma care / Kun Ly was founded in 1986 as a company employing only few people by President Xi-Jue, Chen. Since then, it has gained a strong market position through hard work and reliability. Initially a small factory of some renowned merchandisers, now a dynamic medium-sized company with 40 employees – professionals in developing, processing, sales and marketing.


We supply a wide range of medical beds, such as nursing home, hospital, household or others for various fields. Our thirty years of experience is expressed through a broad selection of premium products offering high customer value and satisfying all customer needs. Our products are made to serve everyone and everywhere using friendly and have been selling internationally with good reputation. 


We also welcome ODM and OEM products, it’s always delightful to get inspired and see new ideas turn into new products. The development of the products has been achieved by applying our many years of experience and knowledge in medical bed market. Much thought has been given to design, to benefit both the comfort and security of the patients as well as providing convenient and ergonomics to all caregiver. If you are looking for high quality medical beds or interested in the products, please feel free to contact us.